Corporate & Individual Tax Equalisation Strategies

Everything you do leads to your year-end taxes.

Every transaction presents a tax planning opportunity.

XETA implements tax planning into every facet of our work. By the time the end of the financial year has arrived, it’s actually too late to make significant changes to your net tax outcome. XETA understands your business and financials and creates effective strategies with you that can minimise your overall tax payable while growing your net worth. These strategies need to be maintained, reassessed, and monitored throughout your business journey as circumstances, tax legislation and compliance responsibilities change every year.

Why tax planning?

Tax planning allows you to:

On top of minimising your tax position, tax planning also gives you an opportunity to budget for the next 12 months of tax payments. In some cases, this can be substantial.

Tax planning enables you to look forward and budget accordingly for your tax liabilities for the coming 12 months, as well as being able to make decisions that could alter or reduce your tax liability. Since tax planning typically happens in March, you have 12 months to budget for the actual tax bill that will be due as a consequence of your end of year tax result.

What is Tax Planning?

Tax planning is arguably the most important thing that a business owner should be working with their accountant on. Tax planning assists you through effective strategies that could reduce your overall tax payable while growing your net worth.

Why is tax planning so Important?

Thorough tax planning can minimise your tax position, as well as allow you to budget for the next 12 months of tax payments. For some businesses, this can be substantial and having the foresight is an incredibly powerful tool.


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