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We LOVE small business clients and all our services are geared to help individuals.

Self-employed Tradies

Freelancers & Creators

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We dedicate our time to self-employed clients and give them 100% attention.

To make self-employed clients profitable, we help you set up your business for growth and scalability. We know that one day you’ll need to upgrade your business structure appropriately, setting up a Trust or a Small Business Pty Ltd. Our XETA Tax Partners will simplify your life and let you see the bigger picture.

We’re partners with all the big names.

We cover all your software needs at special prices.

We’ve built a technology stack that you can use from Sole Trader level all the way up to a large Pty Ltd. It’s covered in your fees and will keep your books in order, whether you’re awake or sleeping. We help manage the day-to-day transactions, and our bookkeeping team completes bank reconciliations and accounts receivable/payable matching to keep your accounts up to date daily.

You win the customers, and we’ll manage the accounts.

You’ve never had your own finance team before. It’s great. Bookkeepers, accountants, tax officers, financial managers. You’ll quickly find out how much bang you get for your buck.

You’ll never pay for help and support.

Call us anytime to chat. Our business is built on relationships and personal service – something you won’t get from an App.

Our fees are fair, straightforward and simple.

We spread the costs across the whole year, and plan your taxes far in advance. Your cashflows are safe, low and well-managed. Far more detailed than an app, and much better results.

Why XETA is better

XETA works with over 500 self-employed Australians/Sole traders.

XETA works with over 500 self-employed Australians/Sole traders. Our service is designed for self-employed contractors, freelancers, and sole traders. People in the Creative industry, Doctors, Physios, Builders, Musicians – you name it!

We are experts on tax for the self-employed, and you get access to a tax agent any time you need – not just a screen on an app. We can help with Crypto, Investment Properties, Family Trusts, and other complicated things that an app WON’T DO.

Our team is dedicated to making your business simple, stress free, profitable and high growth.

XETA manages your tax, accounting and superannuation for you.

We’ll set up 1-year, 3-year and 5-year plans with you. Our monthly process will optimise your cashflow powers and provide the strategy you need to maximise your BAS and Super accounts. Our team will reconcile your accounts, review your expenses, and store your expense receipts for the required 7 years – at no extra cost to you!

You get UNLIMITED access to XETA’s team of expert Tax Agents, Bookkeepers, Accountants, Payroll Advisors and CFOs

We don’t charge our customers extra for help and support – it’s all part of the service. You can pick up the phone, send an email, or open up a chat any time of day and we’ll respond within minutes!

You get simple and fair pricing

We know that self-employed income can be unpredictable – that’s why XETA’s fees are subscription based and you can start or stop anytime you need.

You own your tools

XETA’s finance technology stack is beautiful. We are Gold Champion Partners with Xero, and are industry partners with a large portfolio of service providers geared for your industry. You get unlimited access to everything. Your data belongs to you.

XETA. We do more.

XETA provides you with CFO-level insight and finance support for your business. We built our business on relationships and client success, and all our customers are won through word of mouth. We deliver on our promises.

XETA does more than any app, accounting software, or calculator.


Trusted by over 900 individuals and their businesses across Australia.

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