Your Individual Tax Return

XETA’s tax team works with you personally, human to human. We don’t make you do the work.

Tax Returns for real people, by real people.

Our personalised individual tax returns are for real people, by real people. Our tax experts work with you hand-in-hand to complete your annual ITR, and we focus on creating bullet-proof tax returns.

With us, your tax return is stress-free. We talk you through every step of the process and explain how everything fits together. We can do it in person with you, or by email, phone or video call. We’re as flexible as you need us to be.

Our focus is on getting you the best result possible. We have decades of experience and the most technologically advanced systems & tools available.

We get you the best outcome you can get.

How is XETA different?

We are Tax Agents, and provide you with expert advice, extended deadlines and real-world insight into your tax position.


Trusted by over 900 individuals and their businesses across Australia.

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