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Our team has spent over 20 years working in the largest consulting, tax & accounting firms in the world and is totally focused on the needs of businesses in Australia and overseas. XETA’s objective is to change the way our clients think about their business, personal taxes and finance.

We are responsive, we like people, and we like to socialize. We work primarily on a word-of-mouth referral basis, and we’ve grown 300% per year based on our proven track record. We’re real people, and so are our clients. We don’t hide behind emails – with XETA, all you need to do is call.

Everything is connected, and we focus on helping you create a strong finance portfolio by running your business better, optimising your personal taxes, and setting your finance structure up for a lifetime of success.

The XETA Engine™

The XETA Engine™ is the way we run your business finance. It’s a design & management method, which we have perfected. It is the basis of our services, and we set up your company for success using our engine as the foundation for your financial management processes. We bring the innovations used by large multinational companies to your business, and we level the playing field so that finance can become part of your competitive advantage.

Our team includes experts in Tax, Accounting, Finance, Payroll and Strategy. We manage the value and compliance for over 200 businesses across Australia, the USA, Israel, South Africa and the UK, by being their finance team and business partner. Our team helps over 1,000 individuals complete their tax returns each year, no matter how simple or complex they might be.

Our Team

XETA was founded by and is managed by Daniel De Wet, David Wright and Zander De Klerk. Through years of experience working in the Big 4 companies, internationally and locally, all three of us are registered Chartered Accountants, Tax Agents and experts in commerce. Together we serve as the Board of Directors of XETA, providing detailed strategy and support to all our clients. We are supported by a diverse team of Senior Financial Analysts and Junior Financial Analysts, each highly experienced and qualified to provide deep internal financial controls and guidance on every part of the finance cycle.

Zander De Klerk

Managing Partner

Daniel De Wet

Managing Partner

David Wright

Managing Partner


XETA does more.

Accreditations and Industry Partnerships

XETA was one of the fastest Xero Gold Champion Partners in Australia. We are partners with all the major software providers, and work with such tools and companies as:


Trusted by over 900 individuals and their businesses across Australia.