XETA provides a highly specialised service for private equity firms and venture capital funds.

XETA Engine™

You need to know the cash runway months in advance. Sometimes you only receive the month-end results after 21 days – if they even arrive. You want to see all the data, financial or operational, reported consistently with high-quality insights – across your whole portfolio. XETA transforms the finance function in each of your investments by using our XETA Engine™, allowing you access to live and real-time reporting built to spec using your own methodology. We become your eyes and ears on the ground, while steering your investment to success.

You want to invest in or may already be invested in emerging companies who have great ideas and innovations with great potential to grow, but their management teams might need a little direction to get them where you need them to be. XETA Accelerata brings together a number of disciplines aimed at growing, developing and helping your investments meet their extraordinary potential.

Our dedicated Accelerata team works exclusively with Private Equity firms and Venture Capital funds, establishing the financial environment needed in their start-ups, Pty Ltds or midcap ASX investments. XETA gives you access to an extensive talent pool in a flexible arrangement that is aligned with what you’re trying to achieve. Paired with our baseline product, XETA Daily, we elevate your ability to receive performance-specific results and operational reporting so that you can truly time your investment.

Engage us to provide private & confidential financial diligence, strategy and leadership within your portfolio to help accelerate the maturity of your investments. Make your exit profitable.

Get your investment portfolio where you want to go, faster.

XETA Accelerata establishes best practice financial baselines (systems, tools, data architecture) at your investments so that their operational teams can concentrate on developing their market and sales pipeline. We aim to understand their business, goals, customers, core operations and current state in order to begin realising the best value in your investment. Once the optimal baseline financial environment has been stabilised, we begin upscaling focal points in the business – working with you so that your investment provides the data you need for your reporting requirements – your cash flow burn rate, your operating KPIs, your management reporting standards, and your budgets and forecasts. 

In assembling and collating your financial information and operating results to create in-depth analysis for your team, XETA Accelerata empowers you with insights.

While it may not be a primary initial consideration for most emerging companies, strong fundamentals and asset protection can have a big impact on valuation and global expansion, especially with regard to intellectual property. We prepare your investment before any term sheet changes by helping you to sell the story and define your strategy so it appeals to buyers and other investors.

XETA Accelerata includes a range of functions that help you get the best out of investment, including due diligence. The rigour and demands of a due diligence process is often underestimated, whether for a trade exit or IPO. Selling a business requires different skills and a different mindset from running it. XETA cleanses your investment’s records and helps lead the audit and other supportive undertakings involved in the exit – saving you time, money and potential loss of value.

You might only get one chance at selling high; engaging the help of XETA Accelerata will help you maximise its value and ROI.


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